Granitics eCRF

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Granitics eCRF

Research Tool for University Hospitals

Granitics eCRF is a software service for university hospitals and other organizations that subsidize research activities on a larger scale. Granitics eCRF is a comprehensive platform that the organization can offer to studies of all sizes.

Granitics eCRF improves the conditions for carrying out research and enables the improvement of quality by providing a common platform for all research. Granitics eCRF reduces the workload involved in supporting research and makes research reporting easier.


For Studies of All Sizes

MyCRF is a research registry and CRF service for all types of medical research. The service is designed especially with the needs of individual research groups in mind. It provides excellent, user-friendly tools to carry out research from planning to archiving.

Granitics offers personal support to studies that are using the MyCRF service directly and serves as a genuine partner to researchers.

Are You About to Launch a Follow-up Study?

Granitics eCRF is a flexible solution. The service is scalable from a study with a few subjects to studies with several thousands of subjects. The service can be used to compile data into a centralized registry on e.g. the prevalence of a particular condition or the effectiveness of various treatment options.

Is Your Research International?

Granitics eCRF supports multi-centre research globally. You can select the research centres and users that you want regardless of the country.

Do You Need Randomization or Monitoring?

Granitics eCRF provides both. The service enables the randomization of research subjects. You can choose from multiple randomization methods and use stratification, if needed. If you need monitoring, the service enables it as well.

Do You Want Subjects to be able to Enter Data Themselves?

Granitics eCRF services include a separate interface for research subjects. You can determine the stage at which the subject is asked to enter the information that you need. The service will send the subject a request either by e-mail or by text message at the time of your choice to enter the information. Once the information has been entered, the service will inform you of this and you can check the information. If the information needs to be corrected, you may send a request for correction to the subject. Once the information is in order, you can transfer it into your research material with one click.

Are You Coordinating More than One Study?

Granitics eCRF enables the coordination of multiple studies through a single central interface. You can manage all studies and their participants in the same view. If you wish, you may also select frequently used data collection forms to directly copy and use in your research. This will make the job of your researchers easier and also standardize practices.