Founded in 2001, Granitics Oy is a customer-oriented producer of data system services for medical research. The mission of Granitics Oy is to serve as a partner to its customers in the collection, storing and management of research data.

Granitics Oy was born at the beginning of the millennium from the idea of former colleagues to create an IT company that provides genuinely good services. We had already witnessed many hyped services and also seen an unfortunate number of bad data systems and customer service. From day one, we decided to genuinely serve the customer and only produce services that have been designed, implemented and tested diligently. Honesty towards the customer and an appreciation of quality have been at the heart of all our activities from the very beginning. Granitics remains a company owned by private individuals. The activities of Granitics Oy are based on keeping its promises to customers and providing a service that helps, solves and takes them all the way to the finish line.

– Harri Lähdesmäki, CEO, Granitics